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13 Cheap S&P 500 Dividend Achievers

Today I like to introduce some dividend growth stocks with the cheapest valuation on the S&P 500. Those stocks have a forward P/E of less than 15.

Buying cheap stocks doesn't mean that you could make a quick return. Mostly the cheapness has reasons which you need to discover. 

For the time being, there are only 26 solid stocks but many have a huge debt burden to wear. If we exclude those stocks by implementing a debt-to-equity limit of 0.5, the results shrink to 13 companies. The list is attached. 

It's hard to find good growing stocks especially when the Fed offers money for free. But what should we do elsewhere? Compared to fixed income assets, equities are quiet cheap and they offer an inflation hedge.

Are you investing money into stocks too? Please share your thoughts related to my ideas here on my blog. Thank you so much.

Here are my 5 favorites, sorted from highest to lowest yield....


21 Stock Ideas To Benefit From Weak Oil Prices

The oil price is in free fall and lost half of its value within the recent month. I love it when something changes in such a short period because often it could be a good sign for investors to find new investment targets.

The oil and gas or energy sector is very complicated. There are working many companies in this field and some of them suffering deeply under low oil prices. 

The bad news is that many stocks from the sector did not fall in the same amount as oil prices. One of the main reasons could be that market actors anticipate a mid or long-term oil price forecast of USD 100. That's enough for most of the industry leaders to make money and solid returns.

Not only basic material dividend stocks like Exxon or Chevron are the top picks. 

Indirect, companies with an energy intensive business model like industrial stocks, retailers, auto or restaurant stocks could get a short-term boost.

However, Today I like to share some investment ideas around the energy sector, who are not cheap now but could become an interesting investment.

Indirect oil related investment ideas


19 Safe And Top Yielding Stock Ideas From Abroad

When I discover the news about stock markets, I can see a big trend of money which is moving into the U.S. investing space.

P/E multiples are rising and the dollar is gaining nearly on a daily basis but this trend should not work for years, it’s a technical driven reaction.

What I see is that more and more investors look oversea for new investment targets. Europe is one of the favorite investment areas if you believe that the problem of the 28 nation currency is recovering and the economy gets more grips.

Today I like to show you the best ADR dividend stocks on the American Capital market with a solid earnings growth prediction.

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These are my criteria:

- U.S. listed stock with headquarter abroad (ADR)
- Large capitalized stock
- Expected 5-year earnings growth over 5 percent yearly
- Low forward P/E (under 20)
- Dividend over 2 percent
- Low Volatility

19 stocks fulfilled these ambitious criteria of which one stock has a double-digit dividend yield. These are my 5 favorites from the screen.

Believe me, there are a lot more top stocks but not all are included in my screening criteria because of the ADR restriction. You can also check out my latest articles about foreign dividend stocks.

My 5 top results from the screen are…


18 Cool Dividend Growth Large Caps For A Hot Market

What stocks can we buy when the market hits new highs on a regular basis?

I'm really scared about the ease to trade stocks at such high levels. Markets are valuated far above 20 P/E multiples and the Dollar becomes more and more attractive for foreign investors.

When I look into my dividend stock database, I also see skyrocket price ratios. For sure there are some pretty good stocks in my sheets with deep values but normal investors don't should expect such a big growth for the near future that can justify this valuation.

Today I like to give you some ideas about good growing stocks with a solid dividend growth history and a low debt figure as well.

These are my criteria:

- Large Capitalization (+ 10 Billion USD)
- Expected EPS Growth over 10%
- P/E below 20
- Debt-To-Equity under 0.5
- Consecutive Dividend Payments over 10 years

18 stocks fulfilled my criteria. Not much but some ideas. Would I buy them? I'm not sure. I think that more and more volatility is coming into the market and this could also mean that it is possible to buy them in the near future at a cheaper price.

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High yielding stocks are old-fashioned which is also reasonable to QE programs, overseas crises and the low interest environment as well. 

These are my 4 favorite results:


6 Dividend Champs With Double-Digit EPS Growth Prospects

One investment strategy is to look for stocks with high growth and pay a solid price for it. If we transfer this reflection to the dividend growth area of the capital market, we get six top results.

Below is a list of the results with the highest expected earnings growth forecast of 103 Dividend Champions

Those stocks increased dividends over a period of more than 25 consecutive years. Which stocks do you like? 

6 Dividend Champs with double-digit EPS growth prospects are... 

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