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3 Unbelievable Dividend Champions With Zero Debt And Promising Payout Growth

Investors should be careful while investing in stocks under different sectors. You might be tempted to invest in stocks that pay out high dividends, but what you also need to check is whether these companies have any debts or not.

If a company has huge debts, you must strictly stay away from it, however high its dividends are. Such companies cannot be trusted upon to pay out high dividends in the future as the cash flow that they generate would be used for settling debts.

A company that pays out a reasonable rate of dividend and has very little debts is still a better choice. However the best choice would be a company with absolutely no debt at all. Are there any companies like these? If yes, which ones are best in terms of growth?

Today I show you the fastest growing Dividend Champions with zero debt. Those stocks have a double-digit earnings growth forecast for the next five years as well as a low debt to equity ratio of less than 0.1.

Here are the results...


5 Cheap Dividend Grower With Buy or Better Rating

I've recently focused my thoughts on dividend growth stocks with a longer history of consecutive dividend hikes.

Today I like to show you those stocks with 5-10 years of dividend growth that are currently recommended to buy. In addition, the stocks should have an estimated earnings growth for the next five years of more than 5 percent as well as a low forward P/E.

20 stocks met my criteria. Attached is a full list of the results. In addition, I've highlighted my five favorites below. Which stocks do you like from the selection?

Here are my 5 favorites...

Highest Yielding Dividend Stocks From Nasdaq 100

Did you notice that the Nasdaq hit the 5,000 yesterday? 

Congratulations, what a number. The Nasdaq index compromises many growth stocks, more than the Dow Jones did. 

That's also one of the reasons why the index is well-know for technology and innovation firms. 

But the technology sector isn't particularly known for finding good dividends. Indeed, many of the most exciting technology stocks don't pay a dividend at all.

Assuming they're profitable (an assumption that doesn't always hold), technology companies often funnel their cash back into their business rather than pay shareholders a dividend.

You may also like my articles related to technology dividend stocks. There are a few great ideas in it. Cash, innovations and growth are main topics.

Today I would like to celebrate the 5,000 mark by highlighting some of the highest yielding stocks from the index.

Around half of the index members pay a dividend and of them has a high yield of more than 5 percent. Attached is a list of the highest yielding top 20 stocks from the Nasdaq 100.

Here are my favorites in detail: 


10 Most Popular Dividend Stocks Bought By Investment Gurus

Recently I published an article about Warren Buffett's latest dividend stock buys and sells of the recent quarter.

I'm ever surprised about his new investment. He bought Deere, a great company with high market share in the farmer’s equipment segment, while I was selling it due to high debt loads and operational headwinds.

You also may like my article about 10 stocks with the highest Share Buyback Program on the market.

Today I like to show you what the other super investors like George Soros, David Tepper, Bill Ackman, Bruce Berkowitz or others bought during the latest quarter. Each of the attached stocks were bought at least four times by one of the 60+ superinvestors.

It's a clear signal. They put money into the oil services industry. Drilling and exploration companies- Those are suffering mostly from the low oil price. Is it an anti-cyclic bet? What do you think; please share your thoughts by leaving a small comment.

These are my main favorites from the list....


10 Sustainable Dividend Growth Stocks With High Yields And Low Payouts

If you're looking for income in retirement, a classic source of that are dividend payments.

Dividend income may not guaranteed but they can easily deliver a sustainable income source. And while not guaranteed, many dividend payouts are exceedingly reliable.

Even better, dividends from healthy, growing companies tend to be increased over time, while the stock price should grow in tandem.

For safe and steady dividend income, seek out companies that: Pay reasonably generous dividends, such as 2.5% or more.

By the way, you may also like my article about the 20 safest Dividend Champions. Always good to know what stocks have the lowest beta ratio.

--- Have a track record of hiking their payouts regularly.

--- Have low payout ratios -- no more than 30%.

--- Are stable, growing, and easy for you to understand.

Below are 10 stock ideas from the dividend growth investing space that fulfills some of these criteria. Which from the results do you like? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment. Thank you.

10 Sustainable Dividend Growth Stocks With High Yields And Low Payouts

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These are my 5 highlights...

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