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20 Cheapest High-Yield Dividend Challengers

Today's screen is focused on high yields and low P/E within the Dividend Challengers space. Those stocks managed to raise dividends by more than 5 years in a row. 

Challengers jumped over the first level of dividend growth barriers. One day they could become a Dividend Contender, Achiever, Champion, Aristocrat or even a Dividend King. 

Most Challengers have in common that they could fail to raise dividends in the future. There are more cyclic stocks on the list. The top yielding results com the credit services, REIT and oil and gas sector. 

My favorites are GMLP, SSW, STX, WDR, SSI, and SAFT. Which stocks do you like from the screen? Please let me know some of your thoughts by leaving a comment. Here are the 20 cheapest high-yield Dividend Challengers….

Here are the 20 cheapest high-yield Dividend Challengers…

10 Good Dividend Stocks To Be Oversold And Ready For A Rebound

Today I've focussed my research on oversold dividend stocks.  I've also implemented a few restrictions: My yield effort was at least 3 percent and the debt-to-equity should be normal, not overleveraged.

Stocks become oversold for many reasons, but the basic reason that I care about as a trend follower is that there were more sellers than buyers. Sure, this is simplistic, but why make trading any more difficult than it has to be?

Once a stock becomes oversold, I try to identify when buyers are moving back into the stock for a possible oversold bounce. 

One way to identify an oversold stock is to follow the relative strength index once it gets near or below 30. Another way is to look for a stock that's had an extended downtrend. 

Traders have to remember that oversold can always become more oversold.

That's why it's important to follow the price action and look for oversold stocks that have a probability--not a guarantee--of changing their trend and potentially spiking higher off depressed levels. 

These types of trades can yield big gains quickly, but remember that the price action is more important than the simple fact the stock is extremely oversold.

Attached you find the results of 10 oversold dividend stocks from my research screen...

9 Dirty Cheap Dividend Aristocrats

Good initial yields are very important for income investors. Mostly, a high yield comes with a low valuation. But sometimes, you can catch stocks with a low valuation while the yields are low.

That's not a real problem because when the company put more money into buybacks or tries to speed up growth in the future.

Today I've created a list of Dividend Aristocrats with a low valuation, measured by a forward P/E under 15.

These are the cheapest Dividend Aristocrats on the market...

15 Fairly Priced Growth Orientated Dividend Achievers

Investing in dividend stocks isn't the only way to make money in the stock market, but it's a pretty effective one.

Buying dividend stocks and holding them for long periods of time can be a great way to generate income from your portfolio or help build a position over years through dividend reinvestment.

For this to be effective, though, investors need to find stocks of quality companies that are going to crank out dividends at a decent rate quarter after quarter.

A solid ground to start your research is the dividend Achievers list. Those stocks managed to raise dividends each year for more than 10 years in a row.

In total, there are 333 stocks with such an impressive dividend growth history.

Today I want to select only those that might look really interesting in terms of price to growth. 

I selected those stocks with double-digit expected earnings per share growth while the forward P/E is still less than 15 and an acceptable debt burden weights on the balance sheet.

Only 15 stocks fulfilled these criteria. You find the full list at the end of this article.

Here are the top yielding stocks in detail...

20 Stocks With Over 10% Dividend Yield And Positive Return On Assets

For those investors who love very high yields, I've created a screen of the highest yielding dividend stocks with cheap P/E'S and profitable positive earnings growth for the future.

These are my criteria in detail:

- Forward P/E under 15
- Dividend Yield Over 10%
- 5 Future EPS Growth Positive
- Positive ROA
- Debt to Equity Under 1

Attached you will find the 20 top yielding results.

Shipping stocks are still dominating the list. They are very small and suffer from a weakness in China - Shipping rates are very low and hit recently All-Time Lows. Since then, they strongly recovered.

Another good represented industry is the Mortgage Investment and REIT industry. 

Here are the results...