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4 Great Dividend Stocks With Double-Digit Earnings Growth

Long-Term dividend growth investors need to look at the expected earnings growth of a company. The idea is simple: A growing company will also raise dividends if they don't strengthen their dividend policy.

What you also need to do is to observe the current market price of the company. If you pay 20 times of actual sales, you must have a very fast growing and highly profitable busienss to achieve a solid return in the future.

Below, I've compiled 4 stocks with double digit earnings forecasts for the mid-term and solid valuation figures.

These are the results:

Warren Buffett Sells These 7 Stocks

Recently, I wrote about the great value investor, Warren Buffett and introduced his latest dividend stock buys. This blog is dedicated to stocks with a long history of dividend growth.

I like those stocks, especially when they offer a bigger part of safeness due to a large diversification.

Today I like to show you those stocks that Warren Buffett sold within the recent quarter. In total, he decreased seven positions.

These are the results with the highest dividend yield....


10 Dividend Growers Institutional Investors Like

Goldman Sachs is projecting that nearly half of stock returns over the next decade will be from dividends. That's a huge number and based on historically data.

This is certainly good news for dividend investors. Unfortunately the stock market is trading at an elevated price-to-earnings ratio. As a result, total stock market returns are expected to average just 5% a year over the next decade.

If you are looking for more return, you must select the good stocks and eliminate the bad ones. By following the dividend growth rule, dividend growth stocks should perform better than the overall market.

Below are 10 that could fit the dividend growth rule. Which do you like?

10 Top Dividend Growers to consider are....


20 Best Stocks to Hold for the Long-Term

Forget about buying and selling stocks within a matter of days or months. Morgan Stanley is out with a new note recommending 30 companies that you should hold until 2018.

Below is a list of the 20 top dividend payers.

That's not to say you should then sell them in 2018, it's to say that Morgan Stanley believes these companies are poised to perform well over the next three years.

These are the 5 highest yielding resuts in detail:


9 International Dividend Dogs With Upside Potential

While the domestic stock market is getting hotter and hotter, internationals look cheaper.

I've written in the past about stock opportunities from abroad and like to go forward with this theme today.

Below are 9 international dividend dogs with attractive fundamentals for income investors. Which do you like?

You also may like: 4 Great Dividend Value Picks From The Old Country

9 international dividend dogs are....

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