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10 Stocks With The Highest Buyback Yield

10 Stocks With The Highest Buyback Yield;
Source: FactSet (click to enlarge)

18 Industrial Stocks I Love To Buy

I am personally finding plenty of interesting bargains and reasonable valuations in the industrial sector these days, one of the few places they exist.

Dividend investors might be tired of investing in the same old consumer staples or consider those trades too crowded to invest new money into. So where do they go?

 Below I have outlined a few interesting industrial plays that have very cheap or reasonable valuations and competitive yields or future dividend growth prospects if the current yield is very low.

Here are the top yielding results...

6 Oversold Dividend Aristocrats You Need To Know

As the markets snap back from January's lows, income investors are on the lookout for stocks with solid dividend yields that have strong fundamentals and are oversold due to the year's volatility.

Looking at the stocks' technical charts can help determine whether the fundamentals can be further supported. Not surprisingly, this year's market volatility has wreaked havoc on many strong dividend stocks.

Today you will find a couple of Dividend Aristocrats that are oversold on a technical level, the RSI 40 percent.

Only because a stock is oversold is not a bad sign for a long-term dividend growth stocks. I could be a buying opportunity if you believe that the current weakness is also only technical and fundamentals are right.

These are the most oversold Dividend Aristocrats of the recent months....

20 Stocks With The Biggest Share Buybacks

20 Stocks With The Biggest Share Buybacks;
Source: Factset (click to enlarge) 
20 Stocks With The Biggest Share Buybacks; 
Source: Factset (click to enlarge)

20 Highest Yielding NASDAQ And NYSE Dividend Achievers

There are numerous studies suggesting that dividend-paying stocks are effective tools for accumulating wealth over an extended time horizon.

Simply investing in dividend-paying stocks, however, hardly limits the investable universe or indicates a realistic strategy. 

More than two-thirds of the stocks in the S&P 500 pay dividends, including the majority of the larger companies in the benchmark. 

Globally, there are thousands of dividend-paying stocks. There are a number of strategies that further refine the idea of dividend investing, focusing only on dividend payers that meet certain yield, consistency, or balance sheet criteria. 

The good thing for us normal investors is that we can easily discover some the most popular indices with focus on long term dividend growth in order to select high-quality dividend stocks. 

Today I like to show you some of the 20 highest yielding stocks from the NASDAQ and NYSE Dividend Achievers Index. The strategy is ideal for high-income investors who don't want to invest into junk.

The NASDAQ US Dividend Achievers Select Index includes dividend-paying stocks that meet the following requirements:

- Be incorporated in the United States.
- Trade on the NYSE or NASDAQ.
- Have increased its annual dividend for the last ten or more consecutive years.
- Meet volume requirements.
- The NASDAQ OMX maintains the NASDAQ US Dividend Achievers Select Index.

These are 20 highest yielding, selected Dividend Achievers, sorted by Dividend Yield...