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Safe Stocks With Dividend Yields Over 4% And Consistent Growth

Investors are often told that they can safely withdraw 4% of their portfolios upon retirement to help fund their living expenses. While doing so typically requires selling off assets, there are some dividend stocks that currently yield more than 4%.

Filling your portfolio with these types of stocks could make it possible for you to live off your dividend income alone, thereby reducing the need to decide which assets to sell -- and when.

Attached you will find 10 Dividend Champions with a current dividend yield of more than 4%...

Here are the top yielding results in detail...

20 Safe Stocks To Survive A High Volatility While Receiveing 3% Plus Dividends

Every time it seems safe to go back in the water, oil gets hammered and the stock market dives again. One very good sign is that most of Wall Street is as bearish now as they were in 2009, and after a correction to open the year in January, things are very negative to say the least. 

Given the sparsity of good income investment alternatives now, especially with interest rates continuing to plummet, one good alternative for gun-shy investors is conservative stocks that pay big dividends.

Attached you can find a few stocks from our research that might offer a special hedge in times of high market volatility and rising anxious.

Each of the attached results has a market capitalization over 10 billion and a very low beta of less than half of the market.

Finally I've only listed those stocks with the highest dividend yield.

Here are the 20 best yielding low beta dividend large cap stocks...

20 Best Yielding Stocks From The MidCap Dividend Aristocrats Index

Most investors know the fantastic lists of long term dividend growers, named as Dividend Aristocrats, Champions, Contenders, Challengers or even Achievers.

On the lists are many large caps but smaller capitalized stocks don't jump into your mind if you think at these lists.

Today I like to show you some of the highest yielding MidCap Dividend Aristocrats. Smaller stocks have the advantage to grow faster than large cap holdings. They have a normally a more tighten management structure and could act more dynamic.

Here are the 20 highest yielding S&P MidCap 400 Dividend Aristocrats sorted by dividend yield from highest to lowest. Each stock has increased its annual dividend 15 or more consecutive years.

Here are the top yielding results in detail...

A Solid Portfolio Of Stocks With A Strong Balance Sheet

A Solid Portfolio Of Stocks With A Strong Balance Sheet (click to enlarge)
Source: Goldman Sachs, MarketWatch