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50 High-Yield Financial Dividend Financial Dogs

50 Financial Dividend Financial Dogs
(Source: Seeking Alpha)

5 Top Dividend Paying Champion Stocks To Look For In 2017

For the most part, 2016 has been a good year for the U.S. stock market, with the S&P 500 climbing nearly eight percent. 

During this period, dividend investors have also been handsomely rewarded. Many dividend-paying stocks kept their track record of dividend hikes.

At the same time, those high-paying dividend stocks offered a way for income investors to boost the return of their portfolios in this ultra-low-interest-rate environment. With one month to go until 2017, let’s take a look at the five best dividend stocks we like to observe for the next year with hope that they can deliver a solid performance.

Here are the results...

20 Highest Yield Dividend Champions

High-growth momentum stocks are nice, but many investors these days are more interested in stability and dependable dividends. If you’re an income-oriented investor, this list of Dependable Dividend Stocks is for you.

Some of these stocks may be boring, some of the yields may not be thrilling and some may not have impressive earnings growth in their future. 

But all of these Dependable Dividend Stocks are rock-solid when it comes to preserving capital and making regular dividend payments. Check out the list below and sort by company, yield or dividend history.

"Dividend Champion" is a term orientated strategy referring to U.S Companies that have offered and increased their dividend for a minimum of 25 straight years.

A track record like this is incredibly encouraging to investors who know all to well that a company can cancel dividend payments at any time.

A consistent payment history is all the more important if the yield is competitively high. With this in mind we screened the 104 dividend champions, whose yields range from 0.50% to 5.06% and pulled the top 20 yielders.

Here are the 20 highest yielding Dividend Champions to compare with some essential fundamentals....

The Latest Dividend Growth Stock Compilation

Each week, I go through the list of dividend increases in order to monitor performance of existing holdings, and uncover hidden dividend gems.

I then narrow down the list by eliminating companies with a dividend growth streak that is less than a decade. I also look at things like trends in earnings per share, dividends per share, dividend payout ratios, in order to determine the likelihood of future dividend growth and growth in intrinsic value.

It's important to have an overview of the latest dividend growers in order to get the future dividend kings on my radar first. With this method, I can also see how big the future yield will be if the calcualte the announced dividend. Sometimes, there could a low yielder become a high yield in just a year only by hiking dividends.

Over the past week, there raised a lot of stocks their payouts. You can find the full compilation of the latest dividend growth stocks attached.

Here are the latest dividend growth stocks....